searchOK, you’re looking for a dance studio to get your Bachata on. Let’s see, where is a good one located? What are their hours? How much do they charge? Gradually, you find yourself saying, “I can barely find anything using Google or Google Mexico, in English or Spanish. That can’t be.” Or maybe you want to eat out tonight, some specific cuisine. Italian, maybe. Well, Guadalajara definitely serves Italian food. But where are the Italian joints around here? Doesn’t anyone have a Web site? If you’ve found yourself frustrated by trying to find things online or general Googling, read on, dear searcher, read on. We were too and we can help you discover hidden gems as well as the run-of-the mill stuff.

The quick summary is that Googling has its place, but you’re going to need to expand your manner of Google searching or use other resources altogether, specifically social networking sites, to find what you’re looking for.