Autobus Alianza de Camioneros A.C.In Guadalajara, the public bus system is contracted out to private companies that manage one or more routes in the city. The drivers often work on a commission basis, which many critics have blamed for some of the reckless driving, traffic accidents, and incidents involving injuries to passengers, that certain bus drivers have engaged in or have been responsible for here. On the other side, there have been complaints from drivers about assaults, scheduling, and poor working conditions. Since last year, city officials have been working with these companies to improve the system for all involved and reduce the dangers. To that end, La Secretaría de Movilidad (La Semov), literally the Ministry of Mobility, has been charged with certifying routes that meet certain requirements to improve safety and driver working conditions, among other things. The end result to you is hopefully a safer and more pleasant ride but also a guaranteed fare increase from $6 MXN to $7 MXN per person on these newly-certified routes. What is taking place is not a straightforward shift to the new system that currently includes all routes, though, and as the certification process continues here in Guadalajara, there are two critical pieces of information that you need to be aware of as a user of the public bus system.