woman walking with suitcase

Mexico is no stranger to young visitors from abroad overrunning its coasts, consuming large quantities of bagged chips, shots of Sauza and bottles of Corona (or cups of high-octane punch on party boats), working on their sunburns, ehrrr tans, purchasing souvenirs and generally letting it all hang out for a short but intense time before returning back home to “reality”. And that’s just it – in the past, these trips have typically centered around the country’s many beautiful beaches with a focus on revelry. However, it would seem that the times, they are-a-changing. More and more of today’s younger crowd, specifically the set known as “Millennials”, is increasingly expanding its traveling range and country coverage and is moving inward to the less touristy, less well-known and less frequented interior of Mexico, including cities like Guadalajara. By all accounts, Millennials are traveling somewhat differently – and more often – than other generations did and are, and Guadalajara as a destination is a perfect fit for what Millennials are generally seeking these days from their travel adventures. What’s more, Millennials are letting the world know via the vlogging (video blogging) they are doing along the way. Here are some insights into Millennial traveling habits, why what Guadalajara can offer is making it a more popular destination for them and some vlogs of theirs featuring the city that we recently came across on YouTube.