IMG_2397_SantaTere_CroppedColonia Santa Teresita (Santa Tere for short) is a dense, vibrant, and busy section of Guadalajara, Jalisco. It boasts two tianguis in addition to its extremely popular core market in the heart of the colonia. One tianguis takes place every Wednesday while the other runs on Sundays.

What is a tianguis you ask? It’s a street market, and in Guadalajara specifically it is a collection of puestos (stands) assembled together literally right in the middle of the street, often with a mixture of metal rods and tarps. When there is a tianguis in effect, there’s no driving through that area anymore. Doesn’t matter if you are an operator of a city bus, you ain’t getting through, those streets are closed.

Tianguis across the city vary in size, schedule, location, and what they sell, among other things. Often, there’s some common theme to them, if you will, and they may contain makeshift “restaurants”. This one’s more about foodstuffs, that one’s more about clothing. And that’s the way it is for the two that take place in Santa Tere.