anatomy-160496_640Hablas español? Quieres mejorarlo? Well, you can’t improve your Spanish without using it, and the trips to the supermercado, tianguis, clases de salsa, and restaurantes sadly just won’t cut it. We know, we know, if only we all had photographic memories and extremely cooperative tongues! But, let’s face it, most of us don’t, and hence, speaking another language, really speaking it, requires hard work, loads of effort, and genuine dedication. Some might even say you have to be downright obsessed. But, over time, if you practice, practice, practice, you will (most likely) nail it. So, how to get that practice in? One of the best ways is by joining a conversation club (or ten) where you exchange your English or other language skills for Spanish language skills. Below is a rundown of a couple of available options available here in Guadalajara.