steinbach-56641If you don’t feel you’re quite ready yet to jump into a conversation club here in Guadalajara, or you want more structure and formal learning and a deeper dive into the mechanics of the Spanish language still, consider attending one of the many language schools in the city. The schools vary in terms of cost, location, and schedule of course, but at least one of them should suit your needs. Consider, for instance, whether you want to spend half-a-day in a classroom or just one hour each day, and how many days each course goes on for. Additionally, it all depends on whether you are an individual, a small group of friends, or a business team seeking instruction. In any case, the schools will be happy to discuss all the options with you, and even if there is no class at your level being offered at that exact moment, you can often negotiate private lessons. Bear in mind that the schools will have you take an assessment exam which is normally free. Also expect to have to go in person to get the latest schedule and price information as the information on the web sites of the schools themselves is often out-of-date. Please note that any price information we provide here may no longer be valid. Finally, keep in mind that when you compare cost, you’ll want to compare how much each hour of instruction costs and that some schools charge in $USD and some in $MXN. We assume an exchange rate of $1 USD/$13 MXN for our calculations below.