Pastes Minería in Calle MorelosWe know, you’ve just made a New Years resolution to get fit and lose some weight and part of the plan was to eat out less, and here we come waltzing around throwing yummy food in your face. Terrible, shame on us. But it can’t be helped, not one bit. If you haven’t had pastes from Pastes Minería yet, you must, resolution be darned. What are pastes? Well, dear reader, pastes are wonderfully flaky pastry pockets with delicious innards (if done right), and Pastes Minería does them right. A chain with a few locations throughout Guadalajara, including Avenida Alfonso López Mateos in the Plaza del Sol area, Calle Morelos in Colonia Americana, and Avenida de las Américas near Avenida México in Colonia Ladrón de Guevarra, they serve up sweet and savory varieties, including pineapple, apple, Hawaiian style, and two types of mole.