RidesharingGuadalajara is a large city, and as such, has its share of transportation options to get you from one place to another here in Mexico. In addition to the typical flights and long-range bus services, you can obviously rent a car. We’ve even heard of individuals contracting with Uber drivers to get from here to the Jaliscan coast, for instance. That seems a bit much to us, but to each their own. Renting a car can be rather expensive too, and risky. Thefts, damage, and accidents are real issues. Bus and plane travel are dandy, but what if there are no bus routes or flights to your particular destination? And might there not be something even cheaper than traveling by bus or plane? A local bus might do, but it might take forever, depending on where you’re going. A taxi might do, but that could be prohibitively costly. A tour bus might get you somewhere, but hopping on a tour bus is a thing entirely unto itself. If you don’t own your own car, whatever are you to do? Hitch a ride, that’s what.