IMG_3963The organic and/or locally sourced movement is still getting off the ground in Mexico, in general. Not to say that folks weren’t already producing organic products or sourcing products locally in Mexico before, but simply that the organization of businesses and resources around these ends and the emphasis on the importance of these aspects of consumption are still works-in-progress.

The focus on where things come from, how they are grown, and the means by which they get to market is increasing but is not hyper-strong throughout the entire country yet. There’s plenty of room for growth. You’ll most likely have the easiest time finding wholesome and healthy organic and locally-sourced goods in el DF (Mexico City, Distrito Federal), be they offered by specialty stores, restaurants or other businesses. However, more and more, various shops are popping up here in Guadalajara.

To be honest, we can’t say that we’re overly impressed with the choices or the pricing or the variety. But, availability is improving poco a poco as they say (little by little). In this article we’ll review a few specialty store options and pass on our recommendations. In later articles we’ll address things like organic-market meetups and restaurants.