A beautiful sunset sky over the rooftops of Guadalajara, Mexico.

We humans like to talk about the weather, especially when there’s nothing else to discuss, and for good reason, after all. Weather is one of the top factors influencing our lives on any given day, dictating at least in part what we wear, how we feel, what types of activities we’re willing to engage in, when and where we travel to, and even where we live. Here in Guadalajara it’s been raining yet again, starting and stopping and then starting again, the sky a persistent dull gray yesterday and the day before. However, today has seen a bit of improvement and as we move deeper into November and the fall, we in Guadalajara have a lot to look forward to weather-wise, believe it or not. While many places in the northern hemisphere are slipping into periods of worse weather in terms of storms and much lower temperatures, the weather here is actually improving overall and will only continue to do so for several months.