GuadalajaraFinding a place to stay in Guadalajara for an extended period of time can be a bit of a challenge if you are unfamiliar with the city and the resources available to assist you in finding a rental. For shorter stays, you can of course begin with Airbnb or Couchsurfing, but you can’t sleep on someone’s couch forever and Airbnb can run you quite a bit more than simply finding your own pad over the long haul. Hence, we’ve compiled a list to aid you in your task – sublets, shared rooms, or your very own place, we’ve got you covered. Please keep in mind that many rentals in the city are not listed online anywhere, but rather are advertised with signs and posters hung from the properties themselves in the streets. The only way to find these, of course, is to visit Guadalajara and walk/bike/drive around. That being said, below is your research sheet for those that are listed online. If you haven’t already read our neighborhood guide yet, we strongly urge you to do so as that will play a critical part in helping you find the right place in the right area for you.