Tianguis Tales: Tianguis del Círculo de Producción at Ecotienda

Ecotianguis del Círculo de Producción

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We have thus far written about a few of your organic, all natural, locally sourced store shopping options here in Guadalajara, otherwise known as ecotiendas. In addition, we’ve previously mentioned an ecotianguis or ecomarket that more or less takes place every Sunday at Plaza las Ramblas. In those veins, we’d like to continue assisting the growth in popularity of these stores and markets here in the city by mentioning yet another ecotianguis that takes place outside the Ecotienda, located on Calle Morelos due west of Avenida de las Americas, known as the Tianguis del Círculo de Producción.

Taking place from 10:30am to 2:30pm every Saturday, this small but bustling tianguis boasts genuine bee honey, artesenal food and drink creations, soaps, breads, organic vegetables and fruits, and other items. As an added bonus, the ever-expanding inventory of the Ecotienda store is there at hand for your shopping pleasure if you can’t find what you’re looking for in the tianguis itself. By the way, the Ecotienda has grown much since we first shopped there almost two years ago and is quite a contender in the ecotienda trend here in Guadalajara, offering some things you just can’t find in other similar stores like organic dairy products, fruits, vegetables, and a range of meats.

Dedicated parking is available in front of the Ecotienda but if that’s full, you should be easily able to find a spot on the street. Limited bike rack space is available as well outside the store. If you’re looking to catch a bus, jump on a 629 or a 640. Only cash is accepted at the tianguis, but the Ecotienda accepts credit cards as well as efectivo.