Feria de Productores Ecotianguis This Weekend in Guadalajara, Mexico

Feria de Productores

Taken from Feria de Productores Facebook event page.

Another weekend is upon us and with it comes what promises to be a very worthwhile and enjoyable eco-expo hosted by the Feria de Productores (Fair of Producers). This green organization here in Guadalajara aims to provide organic and artesanal foodstuffs utilizing fair and just business practices. With that mission in mind, it is putting on another rather large expo with many local producers in attendance this Sunday, April 19th, from 10am-5pm. Among the items available for purchase will be organic, pesticide-free vegetables and fruits, aretesanal ice cream, prepared foods, personal care products, things for your pet, and much more. If locally-sourced and organic goods are your thing, or if you want to support environmentally-responsible vendors, be sure to visit this eco-expo at the Tepeyac Casino residential development in Zapopan for the low cost of $15 MXN per adult/$10 MXN per child. There will be music, workshops, art, and childrens’ activities for the whole family’s entertainment. We’ll see you there!