Your Go-To List of Food Trucks and Trailers in Guadalajara, Mexico


mobile-van-color6Here they are, in alphabetical order. Please note that we haven’t tried all of these food trucks and trailers yet. Also keep in mind that of the ones we’ve tried, we’ve only written individual articles on those that have really knocked our socks off. That being said, everyone’s tastes are different. At the same time, these folks are continually improving their game. Therefore, try each one and decide for yourself, and remember that we will be constantly adding to this list as we learn of more mobile eats, so check back for updates!

First of all, see this map of the food vehicles listed below, created by us for your convenience.

mobile-van-color9Brick Lane Food Truck, Gourmet de la Calle || Truck || Avenida Chapultepec Corridor || Daytime || See our article for why we love this truck.

El Fogón Panamericano || Truck || Food Truck Park || Afternoon/Evening || The onion rings are tasty, the burgers are fine – they have a very distinctive flavor due to seasonings used. On the menu, they also have some sausage items we’re hoping to try soon.

mobile-van-color2Homeless Food Truck || Truck || Avenida Chapultepec Corridor || Daytime || We weren’t thrilled with what we tried, which included a grilled cheese sandwich, mac & cheese, and fish and chips. The quality and taste just wasn’t there for the price. However, this was some time ago and it appears as since then this truck has been reviewed well by the publication Ocio. On top of that, they have some new menu items including fried pickles that will probably bring us back for a second chance tasting.

Jap & Roll || Truck || Food Truck Park || Afternoon/Evening || We haven’t tried this one yet, but some photos we’ve seen of the rolls make us want to.

mobile-van-color1Loreto Fish || Truck || Food Truck Park || Afternoon/Evening || We haven’t tried this one yet, but reviews of this seafood truck are good.

Monchería Atómica || Truck || Americana || Evening || See our article for why we love this truck.

mobile-van-color10Pepe, Juan y Luis BBQ || Truck || Food Truck Park || Afternoon/Evening || Decent BBQ flavor-wise but the sandwiches we had were small for the price and didn’t come with any sides.

Rampante Food Truck || Truck || Food Truck Park || Afternoon/Evening || We haven’t tried this one yet with the exception of an excellent Italian soda, but reviews of the Italian-inspired food are good.

mobile-van-color8Reddy Sandwiches || Bus || Food Truck Park || Afternoon/Evening || Pretty good roast beef served with au jus. Other sandwiches to choose from as well.

Rosten Bagels || Trailer || Avenida Chapultepec Corridor || Daytime || Bagel sandwiches with toppings of your choice. The food we had was average but it is economical and the agua fresca was tasty.

mobile-van-color7Shawarma Beef & Chic || Trailer || Providencia || Afternoon/Evening || Beef and chicken shawarma sandwiches or salad plates. Good ingredients all around but the sauce situation is a little strange. We recommend ordering your food with a sampling of their sauces on the side so that you can decide and add what you like.

Virgilio’s Cuisine on Wheels || Trailer || Providencia || Late Morning/Afternoon/Evening || Gourmet Chapatas, or sandwiches, including smoked salmon, portobello, duck confit, shrimp, and more. One sandwich we tried seemed costly, relatively speaking, for how thin on contents it was. However, if you’re looking for something light, and given the more epicurean ingredients, you may want to sample their menu anyway (and order a cappuccino while you’re at it). They do have a nice location, after all.