6 Online Resources for Planning Something Fun in Guadalajara, Mexico


hot air balloonsWhile we here at discoverGDL try to pass on interesting events to you, our readers, from time to time, we are really trying to do much more than that and cannot always stay on top of the latest happenings. With that in mind, and with another weekend approaching fast, we present to you 6 resources you can check yourself to ensure that you stay on top of the latest and greatest events scheduled out there and enjoy yourself as much as possible in beautiful Guadalajara.

    1. If you’re interested in getting to know the city center better, Descubre Centro Historico GDL (Discover Historical Downtown Guadalajara) can be of assistance. The site can be translated into English (albeit loosely) and can help you find an event or performance to attend, a place to eat at, or a tour to sign up for. They also offer discounts at select locations. The organization is on Facebook as well.
    2. One site we rely upon heavily ourselves and never fail to recommend is heyevent.com, an event guide site that can help you find anything from theater to musical performances, art exhibitions, and sporting events. What’s more, you can even sign in using Facebook and it will begin to personalize to your account by recommending events that are similar to ones that you Facebook account indicates you’ve already attended or have been interested in. As far as we can tell, their Guadalajara section is quite complete and there never seems to be a shortage of goings-on.
    3. While really more of an activities resource than an events resource, meetup.com is still a fantastic way to hit the ground running in Guadalajara, socially speaking. Groups range from regular meetings for linux users to women in tech to beer lovers to movie-goers, you name it. There are dozens and dozens of groups to choose from, and the number of course is growing all the time. Besides, even though the site may not entirely be geared towards events only, it’s a sure thing that through participation in one or more of these group meetups, you’ll in turn learn plenty about upcoming events as well. And truthfully, some of these groups are more event-driven than anything else. Hence, definitely worth a look.
    4. RunGDL has you covered when it comes to races, like runs and triathlons, that you can participate in here in Guadalajara and in other towns and cities in Jalisco and states throughout Mexico. While the site is in Spanish, it shouldn’t be too hard to tell what event is what. Numbers don’t change, so you’ll know the dates and the course distances (a 5k is a 5k, after all). Find RunGDL on Facebook also.
    5. band lead singer performanceThe Secretariat of Culture of Guadalajara maintains an events program that you can translate into English on the site. The translation is a little wonky so if you speak Spanish, all the better. Events include primarily artistic performances, such as plays, dances, and concerts. Additionally, you can check their Facebook page for up to the moment announcements and information on free events taking place in the city.
    6. Vive Guadalajara is similarly a service of the government and is likewise available in English. Here you’ll find announcements of soccer games, upcoming artistic performances, tourist information, suggestions on what to see (architecture, cemeteries, markets, etc), history blurbs, and more.